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Real Analytics Made Simple.
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      Developed to fill the data and information void left behind by other data and analytics services, Knogic collects and processes data from an unlimited number of web properties, into easy to understand graphs, statistics, and actionable information, without sacrificing deep levels of data resolution.

      Knogic turns business owners into their own business analyst. Knogic assists in improving returns from advertising investments, increasing conversions, improving customer engagment and retention, providing insight into on-page events, and improving campaign effectiveness.
"Our approach to handling data is unlike any other in the industry. Development of knogic was premised by my firm belief that your data is yours! Collection of data should not require preconceived ideas about a customer base or how they use a website. Data should never be sampled down or filtered by a gate keeper, it should be complete and actionable, with any level of interrogation available to a business owner."
- Ben Hickok, Founder & CTO, Knogic LLC

      Knogic is currently finishing beta programs with companies that range from 100K to 1 billion dollars in annual revenue, generating millions of data points every day, and can scale to any business demands. If you or your organization is interested in Knogic, please contact us.
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